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Official and institutional protocol

Know the essential points to execute the protocol in the institution in which you work, always hand in hand with the organization of event.

High-level protocol for organizations

Learn the keys that make a difference in the events organized with first-class guests such as heads of government, state or ambassadors.

Corporate Protocol

Analyze how this communicative tool can improve intangibles and engagement with its audiences.

Business protocol

Learn the elements that will help create a conducive climate when negotiating.


Know the basic rules of behavior and the use of etiquette on the internet.

Intercultural protocol

Know and compare traditions and customs in the business of different cultures to know their behavior when relating to them.

Protocol for Millennials

Teach children and young people the most populous aspects of protocol and etiquette with a language and aspects aimed at their context.


The keys to a success event is knowing how to implement it correctly.

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