We are at your disposal for those inquiries you need to make on issues related to protocol and events.

In our consulting department, we help answer these and many other questions you may have related to protocol, events and etiquette, both on a personal, business and institutional level.


Don't know where to start at your events? We have the solution

How to invite an ambassador to your event?
What aspects should be taken into account when doing business with an oriental company?
What should I wear if the invitation says White tie?
How do I place guests at my event?
Do you want to know how to make a hospitality in your events?
How should I proceed at the opening of an event?
What should be included in the invitation?

Protocol Cabinet

We carry out those necessary protocol tasks in their acts and events.

We are part of the events staff, in their protocol tasks, from the management of invitations, preparation and conditioning of rooms, agenda, hospitality, attention to guests, design of protocol sequences, contact lecturers, etc.., from the planning to the final report.

Creation of manuals and reports

We create internal ceremonial and protocol manuals for institutions and companies.

Having a framework document that helps in the tasks of organizing events, protocol and ceremonial suppose a progress in the creation of own procedures in the area of communication of the organizations. We audit and create these manuals and reports always hand in hand with the organizations.


Training for young people, institutional corporate profiles.

We have a global vision and from different points of view to offer a complete training.
We carry out personalized training for each client, organization or institution.
We take into account all the details, in which, the real difference is found. We stimulate the dialogue, the creativity of the students and increase their confidence
We base our classes on dynamism, ingenuity, efficiency, knowledge and experience.

They trust us...